Midnimo FM Profile

Midnimo FM is a broadcasting radio station with its main headquarter in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi and with several other studios in the Eastern Africa Region including Garissa town, in the northeastern part of Kenya.

Midnimo FM is undisputed leader in news and programs in the region. Midnimo FM produces original audio and video content, live events and exclusive programming via on-air, online and mobile platforms.


Telephone number: +254789456123
Email: news@midnimofm.com
Website: www.midnimofm.com

Midnimo FM has a very large coverage area. Midnimo FM can be listened to in the following areas:

  1. Nairobi and its environs;
  2. Garissa County;
  3. Wajir;
  4. Mandera;
  5. Mombasa;
  6. Tana River;
  7. Isiolo;
  8. Marsabit

We also cover areas in the neighboring Somalia such as Mogadishu and its environs, Jubaland, Middle and Lower Shebelle Regions as well as Hiiraan and central Somalia. We relay news and information to all those areas and others. Our listeners can also listen to our programs via live stream worldwide on midnimofm.com.


To serve the Somali Community among other communities with news and information proficiently-ensuring the Somali Community excels in media through Midnimo FM just like any other areas it leads such as business and leadership.

Becoming a unique and efficient broadcasting radio station.

i. to produce and broadcast news and programs with content that is accurate and balanced;

  1. to collect and disseminate hard news which is accurate and fresh from the sources by getting to locations where it unfolds/original sources;

iii. to air news that is neutral, fair, unbiased, independent and objective in a way pertaining to the standard of global journalism and in line with the international media law & ethics;

  1. to produce and air feature stories that suit the taste of our target audience and facts and findings on the ground and on the best of human values;
  2. to take part in the awareness projects and programs of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the international NGOs and the UN bodies;
  3. to be fair in our commercials/advertisements such that they don’t exaggerate the realities; we do this because of the sense of the fact that we need clients and customers of products & services are not deceived with counterfeits and sub-standard products/services;

vii. to maintain our position as a station which is highly tuned to for not only Somali news but which applies shared journalism/media by broadcasting in various languages including English and Kiswahili as well as vernaculars other than Somali.


Our target audience is of diverse demographics including women, youth, men and people living in urban and pre-urban areas as well as people in the rural areas.


Other than news, Midnimo FM airs informative programs on the following areas and much more:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Environmental
  4. Leadership –programs live from the Kenyan parliament when sessions are on and events in Somalia such as elections
  5. Human rights
  6. Economy
  7. Business
  8. Culture
  9. Livestock
  10. Youth programs
  11. Programs on women
  12. Awareness programs against FGM and other social problems
  13. Talk shows
  14. Debates
  15. Phone-in-programs –topical discussions
  16. Religious programmes including Tafsiir and live broadcast of Friday sermons
  17. Technology &
  18. Current affairs


Midnimo FM airs programs in:

  • Somali
  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Other vernaculars

Our Journalists/Media Team

Midnimo FM has experienced well trained journalists and media professionals including radio reporting specialists, producers and presenters. We also have vibrant technical staff ensuring you as our esteemed audience get the best of transmissions 24/7.

Relaying of broadcast programs of partner stations

We relay broadcast programs and news from partner stations such as the reputable BBC Somali Service and BBC World Service as well as VOA.


Our transmissions are clear and focal due to support from modern satellite, relay stations in different parts of the country such as northeastern and Nairobi.


Midnimo FM is privately owned. It is therefore not politically affiliated to any party/organization or entity whatsoever.

Midnimo FM is impartial and unbiased.

We are objective in our reporting without fear and favor.

Our Digital Section

Other than live streaming which can be listened to all over the world on our news site, www.midnimofm.com we write fresh news in Somali and in English everyday with updates of news as it happens.

There are dedicated digital/online reporters and editors who are on standby every minute to give you online updates in a timely manner.  

You can also find a variety of features on our news site including youtube linkages and pickings/RSS Feed of news articles generated from reputable news agencies such as Reuters and AFP.

You may also follow us for news and information on social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram.

Feel the unique taste of our reporting.