Nyong’o welcome party turns chaotic as Outa, MP clash


Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s homecoming at Kenyatta Sports Grounds in Kisumu turned chaotic on Friday after Senator Fred Outa and Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor clashed over county leadership.

Nyong’o had been in the US. He came back on Thursday after successfully undergoing a hip replacement surgery.

The problem started when Owuor accused Outa of ill-motives aimed at undermining the administration of Nyong’o during his medication.

Present were MPs Shakeel Shabbir (Kisumu East), Outa (Kisumu Central) and Kisumu woman representative Rosa Buyu.

Owuor alleged Outa plotted to take over leadership in the event Nyong’o was “incapacitated”. “The senator must know that there is only one governor. We will deal with him if he brings jokes in the county leadership,” he said.

“We understand that there was alleged agreement that in absence of Nyong’o he was the one to take over power.”

Youths allied to both Outa and Owuor surged towards the dais where the politicians were seated, forcing security guards to shield them.

The youths alleged to have been hired by an ODM official wanted to attack Outa, prompting his supporters to shield him.

Owuor’s supporters applauded him when he made the allegations while the pro-Outa youths cheered when he countered Owuor’s allegations.

When Outa rose to speak, he was forced to cut short his speech as the youths heckled him with Nyong’o watching in shock. Outa accused Owuor of cheap politics and described him as a “Johnny-come-lately”.


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